1. Discovery

Every website is different so the first step is to establish the why and what your website is going to achieve. You will probably be challenged by the questions which is a good sign that we are on track to providing an effective solution for your unique business.

2. Sitemap

Using the brief a sitemap is created. This is a visual representation of the structure of the website. It's the first step in planning the information on the website.

3. Prototype

An interactive prototype website might be created to show you how your website will work. There is no design at this stage, just the functionality. It is much easier to show you a prototype compared to explaining the solution with words.

4. Design

This is all about creating a look for your website that is on brand, is slick and appeals to your target audience. Any content you have provided is placed or placeholder content is used.

5. Delivery

There's lots to do behind the scenes to prepare your website for go live. We make sure it is tested and ready before deploying onto a live server.