The Brief

Trevor Pierce Yamaha know that to keep up with marketing their business effectively they must move with the times and that means effective online marketing. The problem was that the website that they were using was not mobile friendly and was extremely limited in regards to what they could do with it. So a new website was decided would be the best solution. The new website needed to be a representation of the physical shop, sell bikes and accessories, advertise their services and build their audience over time.

Our Approach

The website was developed using a phase approach. Phase 1 the website was built to advertise the motorbikes physically on their shop floor. In phase 2 we added the online shop functionality. Every month the content is updated with a refreshed bike list along with any news items they have to share. The email marketing is also integrated with the website and is set up to encourage new subscribers.

The Result

The new website is highly flexible and is built to enable Trevor Pierce Yamaha to use their website to promote anything, in any way they choose. It is not limited or locked down like their old website. The number of people visiting the website is steadily increasing and they have experienced an increase in customers since the website was launched.