The Brief
The brief was simple with this project. A web page to be produced in record time to coincide with an imminent magazine release. Kim Odering needed a web page that people could view to get a hold on the high quality landscape design service that she offers. The most important element of the web site was that it must be set up to so that web pages can be added and the website expanded easily. Kim also wanted to establish a foundation where the web site also had the potential to perform well in the search results.

Our Approach
Our solution was a single page mobile friendly WordPress website that within a few seconds the visitor would learn about the services and background of Kim Odering Ground Design. All it took was for Kim to supply us with her logo, text content and photos.

The Result
Within 24 hours the website was live for all to see and not only that but performing well for several of their chosen keywords, some on page 1 of Google. The website is ready to be developed further to turn it into a business generating tool for Kim and her team.