The Brief

CM Plumbing Ltd are a local plumbing business located in Christchurch, New Zealand. The business is set to grow and required a professional image to appeal to potential and existing clients and future potential employees. Currently CM Plumbing had a logo and business card but there was no online presence at all. Any potential customers or employees had no way to research the business to find out more. This is something that CM Plumbing wanted to address to support their growth.

CM Plumbing Ltd approached us to design and develop a new website along with creating updated business cards and email signature graphics that would align with a streamlined and consistent CM Plumbing brand.

Our Approach

The first steps were to polish the CM Plumbing logo to make it sharper, more modern and to enable CM Plumbing to have high quality vector logo files for future use. The vector format provides a version of the logo that can be changed to any size without losing quality.

CM Plumbing logo before refresh

CM Plumbing logo before refresh

CM Plumbing logo after refresh

CM Plumbing logo after refresh

Next we designed beautiful business cards using the refreshed logo and printed on thick, high quality card that feels amazing in the hand so when Cody hands out these cards to potential customers there’s a good first impression. The email signature design that we created next matches the business card design so that the brand is consistent and easily recognisable.

Finally the website was planned, designed and created. Getting to the core of what makes CM Plumbing different was easy through a verbal interview with Cody. It was a case of using the branding set up with the business card and email signature and then applying that to a web design. Displaying the services clearly, adding social proof by including testimonials and providing an easy way to make an enquiry is a winning formula for any local business website.

The Result

CM Plumbing has consistent branding across all the touch points that their customers and potential employees will experience. This has increased the professionalism of the business and will promote trust and reassurance.

Here’s what Cody Maxted, owner and operator of CM Plumbing says about working with Modur:

I’ve been working with Modur for a couple of years. Modur have helped with the whole marketing plan. Business cards, website, van and signs on the fence. Their work is always at a high standard and a timely manner. Highly recommended.