I’ve been working on websites all of my career, since the year 2000. I absolutely love what I do and that’s the reason I’ve stayed.

These are my sweet spots:

Helping People
It bugs me when I hear of people getting sold expensive web services that they don’t understand, need or really want but have been talked into through confusing jargon or slick sales tactics. One thing that gets me out of bed every morning is knowing I help people understand in plain-english about what it takes to market their business online effectively.

Designing and Creating
I was always ‘arty’ in school but I also liked computing. At the time some said it was a weird combination but it turned out to be perfect. Web design was only just coming through as a degree subject just as I was starting University so I jumped at it. I have never looked back and have honed my skills over the years and kept up with fast changing technology.

Research and Learning
Expanding my knowledge by reading, learning new methods and technology, and then having a go at something head on is what I’ve always done. This has served me well and after so long I have a wealth of expertise.


My vision for Modur is to provide small business people with a jargon-free, friendly and reliable service. A type of service where a long-term relationship is formed and nurtured. A service that draws upon my vast knowledge base and many years experience to help you understand digital marketing and guide you with promoting your business in a positive way.

Web Design Consultant Sally Davies

Sally Davies – Website Consultant, Designer and Founder
BA (Hons) Multimedia Design

LinkedIn profile: nz.linkedin.com/in/sallyldavies